Privateer Silver Rum
Kevin Martin of Privateer Rum

Privateer Silver Rum

Alcohol is essential to the extraction process in making vanilla extract; the FDA has a rule that requires vanilla extracts include at least 35% alcohol. Manion’s Vanilla exceeds that because we use premium 40% premium alcohol. Just like Julia Child would not cook with a wine she wouldn’t drink, we would not put expensive world sourced vanilla beans into a spirit we would not be pleased to feature in a cocktail.

Featured Distillery Privateer Rum

Batch no. 1 of Manion’s Vanilla is made with Privateer Silver Reserve Rum. In this blend, I wanted to feature a smooth as silk white rum that offered notes of sweetness naturally. Here are the tasting notes from Paul Pacult, Spirits Journal on Privateer Silver White Rum:

Clear as rainwater; superb, sediment-free clarity. Wow, this opening aroma is juicy, ripe and bakery shop sweet…; further time in the glass allows for a bean aspect to emerge in spades, in particular cocoa bean and cocoa butter plus baked pineapple and clove. Entry is brazenly bittersweet and therefore keenly delicious, pod-like, and appropriate; mid palate highlights the deep brown sugar and molasses flavors that are simultaneously bakery shop spicy and fudge-like right through the focused, bittersweet, and lip-smacking taste. Superb, Highly Recommend.”

After reading this review, I reached out to Kevin Martin, Privateer Rum’s Marketing Manager, who by the way is a terrific person and understood immediately my visions for making an extract of premium quality. Over the last year, Kevin has welcomed me to their Ipswich Distillery on multiple occasions and provided valuable insights on the compatibility of their pure silver rum with my vanilla extract making goals. It’s been a fun and engaging partnerhip with a company that makes superb products. Check out their gorgeous tasting room, and make visit to Ipswich to taste all their scrumptious spirits, you won’t be disappointed!

Privateer Rum Tasting Room

The gorgeous Tasting Room at Privateer Rum, located in Ipswich MASS. Visit for tastings and events and learn how they craft their award winning spirits.

Alcohol Quality Matters

Because I use rich, ripe expensive vanilla beans in Manion’s Vanilla, I would never consider an inferior alcohol for extraction. I care too much about the flavor of the extract and what it will impart in my recipes. Tasting vanilla extract is best way to discern extract quality. The government does not create a standard for alcohol quality when it comes to making extract, which leaves the alcohol choice up to the maker.

Using vanilla beans in ways that respect what it took to grow is always on my mind. The alcohol quality must match the quality of the beans, this is afterall only a 2 ingredient product.

Law permits the extracting of vanilla beans in grain ethyl alcohol that can be diluted with an undefined water source to 35% alcohol status, and still be labeled “pure”. My bean to bottle craft method is different because we use a premium craft liquor that has been passionately made by a distiller to exacting standards. Manion’s Vanilla is for those that believe how you flavor matters.

If you are a serious cook, baker m barista or bartender, chances are you’ll want an extract that is perfectly pure and made from the best ingredients. It’s not necessary to use doubtful vanilla in your culinary creations, buy Manion’s Vanilla and you’ll know exactly what’s in the bottle.

I believe how you flavor matters. Join me as I celebrate the world’s favorite flavor and fragrance in my kitchen. Making a 100% pure craft vanilla extract of great strength and flavor is my passion.

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