Tasting Vanilla Extract
Method for Tasting Vanilla Extract from Manion's Vanilla

Tasting Vanilla Extract

The wonderment of vanilla extract has existed for centuries. It’s the world’s favorite flavor. Yet despite it’s popularity, most people don’t know how to judge between a good, bad or exceptional extract. The best way to discern quality is to TASTE vanilla extract.

Here is the trusted and best method used by Joseph Burnett, who back in 1847, as a prominent Boston Pharmacist, made and sold the first bottles of liquid vanilla extract in America in 1847. His summer home was in Southborough, MASS, which is my hometown. When I learned about Burnett’s reputation and legacy for quality and purity, I was impressed and inspired to follow in his footsteps. During his day, he was widely celebrated by homemakers across the country that insisted on only using Burnett’s Vanilla.

Make this Simple Test

first, take Manion’s Vanilla and pour a few drops on a Dominos sugar cube. Then sip the extract through the sugar cube.

then, repeat this test using another vanilla on another sugar cube. The sharp contrast between that extract and Manion’s Vanilla will be notable.

Why Vanilla Extract Labels Are Confusing

Did you know that the FDA does not require specification of the origin or quality of the beans used to make vanilla extract? Nor does the FDA specify the origin or quality of the alcohol used for extraction [only that it be 35% alcohol by volume]. This is only a 2 ingredient product when it is perfectly pure, so I believe that both ingredients matter greatly.

Those wanting to use the best vanilla extract are frustrated and confused today. This motivated me to spent more than a year unpacking this complicated product, studying labels and buying up every bottle of vanilla extract I could find, so I could learn how to make an extract as perfectly pure as Jospeh Burnett.

Federal Code for Vanilla Extract 21CFR169.175

Did you know that vanilla extract is the only flavor in the United States that has a federally mandated standard of identity.? This is in part due to the high cost of vanilla beans which encourages dilution of extract. It’s impossibly difficult for consumers to assess the quality of a vanilla extract on their own, that’s why you should always purchase from a brand you trust. Learn more about the standard of identity for vanilla extract by reading the federal code for vanilla extract 21CFR169.175



I believe how you flavor matters. Join me as I celebrate the world’s favorite flavor and fragrance in my kitchen. Making a 100% pure craft vanilla extract of great strength and flavor is my passion.

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